Worship Service: Sundays, 9:30-11:00 a.m. - 1020 N. Rutherford Blvd., Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Our Officers

Trinity is a Presbyterian church, which means we believe that God has ordained two offices to lead and serve his church - the offices of elder and deacon. The elders are primarily called to teach, lead, and shepherd the church, and the deacons are primarily called to serve the church. What we call pastors are elders who are especially called to the role of teaching and preaching. What many churches call an elder board, we refer to as a Session. And our deacons are joined together on the Diaconate.

These offices and their roles are outlined in our denomination's Book of Church Order. For more on Presbyterian church government, see this helpful teaching series by Sean Lucas, pastor at Independent Presbyterian Church in Memphis (or read his short booklet). Trinity is also served by full-time and part-time paid staff who serve in various areas of ministry (see our staff page).

Session Members

Mitchell Carter, Moderator

Jim Harris

Rick Malone, Clerk

Phil Newman

Peter Robertson

Ron Phillips

Paul Shearer, Treasurer

Elders not Currently Serving on Session

Eric Klumpe

Paul Pasarilla

Kim Sokoya

Randy Thompson (Elder Emeritus)

Pleun Troost

Diaconate Members

Charles McGaughy, Chair

Dean Cardel

Monty Lee

Chris Nowlin

Allen Pfingsten

John Pipes

Paul Vitolins

Deacons not Currently Serving on Diaconate

Brent Pierce

Dan Widener